100 days is a very long time. It’s longer than a month, longer than summer, longer than the holiday season. It’s longer than the Olympics, the World Cup, and the Tour de France combined. It’s not often that we carry on doing anything for more than 100 straight days, which is why 100 days is the ideal amount of time for a challenge, a feat of willpower, a purposeful journey. This page is dedicated to our very own 100-day pursuits. We hope you enjoy the photos, and feel inspired to undertake some 100-day challenges of your own!


The first challenge is this: Can I (Adaora) find, document, and share a moment of happiness every single day for 100 days in a row? When life gets busy or stressful, it can become so easy to dwell on problems, to lose yourself in mundane routines, to take simple joys for granted. Through embarking on the #100happydays project, I’m reversing that; I’m focusing on the positive, I’m allowing small moments of happiness to define my thoughts, my moods, the ways in which I experience each day.  Photo evidence of my progress below!  

DAY 100!!!: Cake to celebrate my last day of the 100 happy days challenge! Biggest lesson learned? There's joy to be found in even the toughest of days, if you look hard enough. :) Here's to 100 more! Day 99: Enjoyed another set of fantastic performances by Bollywood Funk NYC this afternoon! Definitely worth the hour and a half wait. ;) Day 98: Working Saturday mornings isn't so bad when the first thing you notice after walking in to work is a tree of motivational post-it notes! Day 97: Finally made it back to Red Farm for dinner! Mmm soup dumplings.

Day 96: From the farmer's market this morning. :) Happy fall! Day 95: So thankful I get to come home to this one after a long day… Day 94: It's scarf season! Day 93: Oh, just a little pre-dinner pastry from the Hungarian Pastry Shop. Yay for Monday pick-me-ups! Day 92: The fruits of tonight's labor: Butternut squash orecchiette with parmesan, chick peas, and arugula. Mmmm…recipe hereDay 91: Spontaneous Saturday brunch at Birch CoffeeDay 90: Board game and pizza night with friends! In a very interesting turn of events, I won at Clue--the Harry Potter edition. :D Day 89: Celebrating my new little tea set with tulsi dosha chai from Teavana.

Day 88: Super excited about today's dining section and the New York Times launching a new cooking website. :D Day 87: Being an adult was harder today than usual...but these sunflowers brought some life into the day. Day 86: Started the week off right with an early morning run today! So worth it. Day 85: The concert may have been over a month ago but her music is still so very therapeutic on less than perfect days… Day 84: Arrived just in time to watch Bollywood Funk rock the stage at Diwali in Times Square! Day 83: A beautiful autumn morning at Cafe LaloDay 82: This was me trying to watch a fantastic new Pentatonix video over Simon's shoulder. Then he got up and made me look silly… Day 81: World, meet my baby cousin! 

Day 80: It's a shame only the tourists stop to admire Grand Central station. It really is gorgeous when you take a moment to look up. Day 79: My beautiful walk to school this morning. 'Tis nearly the season for pumpkin pancakes, apple cider, and breathtaking foliage… Day 78: Fall arrived today. :) Day 77: Live acoustic folk music by Joe Marson at Postcrypt Coffeehouse was a lovely way to end an otherwise rainy and dreary day. Day 76: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, round two! (Excuse the poor photo quality--the lighting wasn't ideal.) Day 75: Reading about behaviorism over a chai latte at Birch Coffee. No complaints about life as of late ;) Day 74: Was running early, so had time to grab a latte from Irving Farm. My day got so much better afterwards! Day 73: The lovely fall weather today inspired me to make a new playlist, which made for a much more pleasant morning commute than usual.

Day 72: Decorated my notebooks! And the back to school festivities continue. Day 71: Hey, I put some new shoes on, and suddenly everything is right… Day 70: Cups! Teeny tiny cute little cups!! (I get very excited at kitchen stores like Fishs EddyDay 69: This movie was definitely worth the price of admission! IFC Center, we'll be back! Day 68: Oh psychology, how I've missed you. Day 67: Still relishing the triple berry crisp I made over the weekend. Nothing like dessert to make a long, hard day all better. Day 66: Making to-do lists and enjoying the early morning on Columbia campus. Day 65: The wonderfully homey and inviting child development building at Sarah Lawrence. Super thrilled that I get to take classes in a place that looks like grandma's house for the next year. :)

Day 64: Seeking relief from today's humidity with a cereal milkshake at Momofuku Milk BarDay 63: The clouds didn't stop us from going on our last picnic of the summer! And we had quite the smorgasbord too. Day 62: Playing some Ingrid Michaelson. :) Day 61: In a great mood today because it's nearly fall and I start grad school next week!! Day 60: My daily dose of sugar. ;) I may also have had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, oops! Day 59: A steaming hot pot of chai and a brand new novel--the best simple pleasures for a sick day. Day 58: Recipe for tonight's tortellini soup. It really hits the spot when you catch a late summer cold. Day 57: Ice cream to finish off the weekend! 

Day 56: Though it may have been a bit chilly for sunbathing, it was perfect weather for building a sandcastle! So proud. Day 55: Ready for a weekend at the beach!!! Day 54: Fresh strawberries from today's farmer's market :) Day 53: Enjoying the Upper West Side during my lunch break today. Love this neighborhood so much… Day 52: Oh, just a student of mine. Too cute for words! Day 51: In celebration of one full year of living in New York City together, Simon and I had wine and cake, reminisced, and welcomed a new stuffed animal into our home! Day 50: Made some dinosaur friends at the museum today! Might just have to take one home next time. Day 49: Night out with the girls!

Day 48: Got to see the New York version of Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind! What a great show. :D Day 47: First time I've truly relaxed all week, and it was glorious! Day 46: Ready for Bollywood Funk NYC performance night! This is as tough as we could manage to look. :P Day 45: View from my apartment building before a fantastic girls' night out! Day 44: Dinner at last! Homemade mini turkey burgers with crispy sweet potato fries. Day 43: Went to Smorgasburg, sampled cheddar cornbread, pork spring rolls, and a malted milkshake, and came home with this deliciously hipster food item. Day 42: Taking a moment to appreciate the fact that I get to live in New York City. Day 41: It's fun getting all dressed up sometimes. :) Happy Friday!

Day 40: Heaven on earth! Day 39: Children's curiosity is so heartwarming and inspiring. Day 38: Was genuinely thrilled to be on the subway after an accidental nighttime trek through the projects of the lower east side. Fun times are back with my high school bestie! ;) Day 37: The single most beautiful latte I've ever had the pleasure of consuming. And my, was it good. Day 36: Frolicking! Day 35: Bollywood funk class in the afternoon, followed by vegetable korma for dinner--feeling pretty worldly today! :P Day 34: A sea of calm in the middle of the city… Day 33: A beautiful summer day and gorgeous sunset at Riverside Park. 

Day 32: Ingrid Michaelson put on the most amazing concert!! Day 31: There are no words...so glad I live with this fool. Day 30: This very blog, in its earlier stages. ;) Day 29: It's about the little things. Day 28: Literary adventures in the Village today! Day 27: Made it to Friday. That's reason enough to celebrate! Day 26: In which good food continues to be one of my primary sources of happiness. This place is my second home. Day 25: Flowers littered the streets on my way to work today. No matter how the day goes, mornings are always so full of hope and possibilities.

Day 24: Today was a long day and I didn't initially feel like spending the entire evening cooking, but the chili and cornbread currently heating up my tiny kitchen were decidedly worth the effort. 
Day 23: So thrilled to have this boy home again after his weeklong trip. He even made us lunch this afternoon: grilled cheese and sautéed mushrooms on fresh butter croissants! Day 22: Introduced some more friends to the wonders of Cafe Lalo! Day 21: 
My favorite people. :) Day 20: So many Amherst College friends in the same place! Day 19: Finally got to curl up with my book after what has felt like the longest week ever! It's excellent so far--would definitely recommend it. Day 18: A very sweet thank you gift from a wonderful family of dancers. It was a privilege to be a part of performance night! Looking forward to many more to come! Happy 7th anniversary Bollywood Funk! Day 17: Well, my kitchen may be a hot mess, but I deem dinner a success. Quinoa tabbouleh on a bed of arugula, with sliced avocado and a basil pesto dressing. Yum. :)

Day 16: I've officially found my new happy place. Incredible lattes, fresh and delicious lunches, and the perfect atmosphere for getting lost in a book...so in love with Birch CoffeeDay 15: There's nothing quite like a lazy Sunday afternoon with the New York Times for company. Though that World Cup win for Germany wasn't half bad either ;) Day 14: Going on a picnic! Day 13:  People watching in my favorite sandals. ;) Day 12: Fantastic Latin music in Prospect Park at dusk. Brooklyn might just be stealing my heart! Day 11: Dinner tonight, featuring summer corn chowder with fresh bread and a bacon garnish! Absolutely delicious. Day 10: This little bundle of joy was the highlight of my Tuesday. Day 9: Finishing off Fourth of July weekend by sampling and rating a new coffee shop. :) So much purple.

Day 8In complete awe of the waves at Ocean Beach this afternoon. Day 7: Got busy in the kitchen this morning baking strawberry shortcakes! Day 6: Fourth of July fireworks at the Brooklyn Bridge. Definitely worth staying in the city for. :) Day 5: When your flight--and thus your entire Fourth of July vacation--gets canceled, few things can redeem the day...but a meal at a fancy French restaurant nearly did the trick. Day 4: This lovely little picnic basket arrived in the mail today from Simon's very thoughtful mom, and quite literally made my day. Picnics are the best of simple pleasures. Day 3: The puppy that brought me out of my morning stupor and brightened my day. :) Day 2: Why I go to work every day. Day 1: Getting sidetracked by a playground for adults on the way to the Brooklyn Bridge. ;)