On Origins: A Note on the Name "Cassiopeia"

Cassiopeia means many different things. A basic internet search will tell you that Cassiopeia is a vain queen in Greek mythology, known for boasting about her unrivalled beauty. It is also apparently a constellation in the northern sky, distinguished by a W shape formed by five different stars. Most importantly, however, Cassiopeia is the name of a Sara Bareilles song.  During our exhilarating first few months in New York City—when we quite frankly spent a majority of our time fretting over whether our career and life plans would ultimately work out or whether the world would come crashing down around us—this song kept us grounded and hopeful. It reminded us that there is always joy to be found in the world, and that even something difficult and painful can be turned into something uniquely beautiful. So for us, Cassiopeia is our happy place. We are opening it up to you, and we hope you enjoy our stories! 

Cassiopeia, from The Blessed Unrest, by Sara Bareilles.