One Year in New York

Today marks the one year anniversary of us living together in New York City!

To celebrate, we treated ourselves to a bottle of Pinot Grigio and chocolate mousse from none other than the Hungarian Pastry Shop. What's with the little green creature on the right, you ask? Simon surprised me with a stuffed T-Rex from the Museum of Natural History. I promise it was not a totally random giftthe adorable little thing struck my fancy during our visit to the museum over the weekend, and Simon decided to indulge my inner child and buy it for me. We named it Rupert. As for the candle and the flower? Mere decorative touches, of course. It's pretty wonderful finding excuses to celebrate things; it breaks the routine and gives you something to look forward to on an ordinary Monday. Do you have a random anniversary to celebrate? If so, have some champagne, eat cake, buy a gift for your friend or mom or significant other, snap a few photos, and smile. You deserve it, and you won't regret it! Happy Monday everyone. :)