Carotene Adventures: Anatomy of a Recipe

What do you do with 75 carrots? Rather, how do you make 75 carrots into the most moist, mouth-watering pot of natural goodness imaginable? Thanks to Smitten Kitchen, we've been making this recipe for over a year. It's my favorite thing to eat, and I'm always suggesting that we make it (even in the summer). Between the months of November and April, we do indulge liberally. 

Instead of telling you, we developed a project we've been meaning to try for quite a while. After watching, you'll have a good idea of how a sharp knife, an immersion blender and some good supporting ingredients can transform a heaping pile of root vegetables into a steaming bisque. Step by step, moment by moment, we give you: Carotene Adventures.

And for all that cannot see the embedded video above, here is the youtube link.