Martial arts has been a passion of mine (Simon) for a long time. I began in 2002 at Degerberg Academy with training in a variety of styles, and there I met my good friend Tomjo. Together we embarked on a journey into martial arts tricking, with TJ blazing a path and me far in tow. I spent my college career training in the art of TKD under the tutelage of Master Sung Park, developing the skills that eventually would direct my growth again to the art of flight. 

In January 2013, I read an article on about training and dedication. So at the age of 23, I decided to embark on a three-year journey into martial arts tricking. Inspired by Tomjo and those around me, I am learning as much as I can about the aerial martial arts-- all the flips and twists and kicks attainable by the human form, and ultimately I hope this experience can teach me about simpler things, such as breathing, smiling and taking care of myself. This page is dedicated to that process of expression, freedom and exploration. 

Video documentation of my journey into martial arts tricking.

Jacknives and Summer Fun: Landed my first jacknife, and then proceeded to enjoy the summer sun. Zoolights Vol 1: Open Gym night at Brooklyn Zoo. Worked tucks, kicks and combos. Had an awesome night! 900 Days of Summer: I've been on a quest to learn the cheat1080. My other basic kicks still need a lot of work, but I've been feeling slow with them, like the spirit of the kicks is missing. I decide to try for some harder tricks in order to make the others feel good again, and it's been working really well. Learning all about arms, and circles, and arms. This is probably the halfway point of the upgrade, and definitely feeling leveled up. For you tuss4! Doublelegs: New look at an old trick. First few sessions trying it outside. Some extension issues, and the legs need to stay together more, but I was really happy with the way it turned out. Sunny Day: First 60 degree day, and had an amazing session. Focused on all the basic tricks, rather than the usual one or two. Improved 540: Finally got the round kick, and I'm over-rotating a bit. Either need full gyro or fix the landing. Snow Twists: A compilation of twists from the end of Feb. Illusion, B-twist, even played with the Cork a bit. Sideswipes: Pulled this one out of the ether. It's been years.

Court Tricks Vol 6: Had a good day for kicks. Cheat 7s were side to side and landing on target. Pop7 was a little under rotated. Court Tricks Vol 5: Tried a new cheat setup, pumping the arm and not the leg. Turned out pretty decently!  Court Tricks Vol 4: Worked on my 720 spins and pop720 kicks; the former is better than the latter. First TD Raiz: First time out trying these. Needs some work with timing and arching, but I was very happy with the session. Sunset 540s: Rebuilding: converting from crescent 540 to round kick, and it's a slow change. Here's the progress. Court Tricks Vol 3: Went outside to drill raiz and b-twist; long way to go, but getting some of it back! Court Tricks Vol 2: Short Session; drilled c7s. Court Tricks Vol 1: Getting back into things in 2014; lots of work to do.

More will always come!