Hungry Ghost

Once known as Prospect Perk, this coffee shop became integrated into the small, Brooklyn-based chain when its owners saw the popularity of Hungry Ghost rising. Standing at the point of Grand Army Plaza and straddling the line between Crown Heights and Park Slope, Hungry Ghost offers a sunny and energetic blend of quaint and hip-- we had a great time here and used it as the perfect launch pad for apartment window-shopping in the neighborhood. Keep reading for ratings and photos!

Latte: 5/5

  • Rich espresso flavor on first sip, and a light, smooth, creamy cup overall. Everything a latte should be!  
  • The first coffee shop we've seen that brews another's coffee (Stumptown) and does it with equal panache. 

Pastries: 5/5

  • Selection consists of several varieties of cookies, which are extremely flavorful, fresh, and moist and buttery in texture--clearly made with high quality ingredients and love.
  • Cinnamon walnut cookie and chocolate peanut butter cookie were top notch.

Food: 4/5

  • Serves paninis made with local ingredients. We tried the roasted mushroom and smoked mozzarella sandwich.
  • The flavors each hold their own and also blend beautifully, but the texture is a bit chewy and soft and the bread too soggy, making it difficult and messy to finish (though you want to!)

Atmosphere: 4/5

  • Pinnacle of the hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, with small tables crafted from tree trunk cross sections, opera music playing in the background, and lots of natural light.
  • Personable and friendly staff provided very detailed descriptions of pastry offerings and smiled for a photo.
  • Feels like a Brooklyn establishment. No bathrooms, unfortunately, but the place is perfect for a coffee date or brief study session.