Grey Dog

Rustic to a fault, Grey Dog doubles as a freshly-minted, Brooklyn-esque eatery and a second-wave, Americana-themed coffeeshop you would feel comfortable bringing your toddler to in a Radio Flyer wagon. For your one-stop vignette of the Village in a newly-minted 1965, replete with your anachronistic yet satisfying vices of kale and coffee, scroll down, read up, and head over to the Grey Dog Coffeehouse.

Latte: 4/5

  • Texture is smooth, foamy and creamy, and gives an overall comforting swirl to the cup.
  • The espresso is mild and lacks an overarching depth of complexity of flavor, but still left us appreciating what we drank.

Pastries: 3/5

  • Standard American spread with limited options: we tried the cheesecake brownie and granola chocolate chip cookie.
  • Nothing spectacular here-- pastries don't seem to be Grey Dog's forte. Could have been fresher and didn't leave us feeling satisfied.

Atmosphere: 5/5

  • Grey Dog makes up for its baked goods by assuming the role of rustic Village coffee house, evoking a 1950's American feel (tables are maps of the continental US like what you would find on a children's wooden block puzzle).
  • The long and open cafe is filled with yellow light from candles and dim hanging lights, complimenting stipped, antique wood, exposed ceiling and brick walls.
  • Open late, this cafe plays mellow folk rock, road trip music interspersed with occasional jazz to create a sound wall between tables and the illusion of closeness-- suitable for studying during off-peak hours.
  • Epitomized by old, green-painted self-service hutch providing ketchup, salt, silverware and low-glycemic condiments.