The Coffee Project is our neighborhood-by-neighborhood quest to explore the New York coffee landscape. More specifically, it is a quixotic journey to find the best cup of coffee we possibly can, and, in the process, get acquainted with community-vetted homes away from home in different pockets of the city. Organized by neighborhood, this page is meant to inform and inspire both seasoned coffee enthusiasts and those of you just looking for a new place to read a book or catch up with a friend this afternoon. If you like what you see, click on each photo for a full blog post and reviews! A note on our ratings at the bottom of the page. 

Upper West Side


Greenwich VIllage

A Note on Ratings:
5*: Transcends perfection; the quintessence of coffee/pastry/food/atmosphere.
5: Flawless, original, and evocative; can’t be argued with.
4: Good, possesses a distinct personality; would return specifically for this macchiato, scone, or general ambiance.
3: Run of the mill; average; not worth crossing the city for.
2: Decidedly less than average; coffee and pastry only halfway consumed; let’s not do this next time.
1:  Never. Coming. Back.